Kingdom {{{kingdom}}}
Sub-kingdom {{{sub-kingdom}}}
Phylum {{{phylum}}}
Super-class {{{super-class}}}
Class {{{class}}}
Sub-class {{{sub-class}}}
Super-order {{{super-order}}}
Order {{{order}}}
Sub-order {{{sub-order}}}
Super-family {{{super-family}}}
Family {{{family}}}
Sub-family {{{sub-family}}}
Genus {{{genus}}}
Species {{{species}}}


To use this template insert the following onto your page and fill in the details following the equals sign. You do not need to use all of the categories and those not used will not appear on the front end version of the page. The name will be filled in with the title of the page unless otherwise stated (does not appear to be doing that automatically). Links can be added to the added text in the normal way where they are relevant. Any edits made to the above code will alter its appearance on all pages to which it is transcluded, therefore if a change you make does not have the intended effect please undo that change immediately. The sandbox page is available to experiment on as well as your own user space.

|name               =
|kingdom            =
|sub-kingdom        =
|phylum             =
|super-class        =
|class              =
|sub-class          =
|super-order        =
|order              =
|sub-order          =
|super-family       =
|family             =
|sub-family         =
|genus              =
|species            =