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The lymphatic drainage in the hind limb and pelvis region is based around six lymph nodes and lymphocenters that drain into the medial iliac and sacral lymph nodes. These are part of the iliosacral lymphocenter and is found near the termination of the aorta. They drain the pelvic organs, hindlimb and lumber trunks.

The six lymph nodes or lymphocenters:

  • Popliteal Lymph Nodes - located at the caudal aspect of the stifle they drain the distal hindlimb. They are palpable only in the dog.
  • Ischial lymphocenter - this is absent in dogs.
  • Deep inguinal lymphocenter - this lies along the external iliac artery. The horse has associated lymph nodes.
  • Superficial inguinal lymphocenter - drains the groin, scrotum and caudal mammary glands.
  • Superficial inguinal lymph nodes - also referred to as the mammary or scrotal lymph nodes they drain the male reproductive tract and the udder. They are palpable in all domestic animals.
  • Subiliac or prefemoral lymph nodes - absent in the dog and palpable in cattle and horses.