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  • Below are a selection of poultry breeds ranging from commonly farmed to fancy breeds. The breeds of poultry have been derived from two sources to ensure that there are a wide range of examples. For ease of use the breeds below have been organised by species and then use/type.
  • For further information on poultry breeds, please see "The Poultry Club" at http://www.poultryclub.org.

Chicken Terminology

A number of terms are used when discussing chickens either on a commercial or small basis. Therefore some of the common terms have been included below;


  • Cock - adult/of breeding age.
  • Cockerel - under one year old.
  • Capon - castrated (illegal in the UK).


  • Hen - over a year old.
  • Pullets - less than a year old.


Egg Laying Breeds

Meat Breeds

Dual Purpose Breeds

Fancy/Exhibition Breeds

Bantam Breeds

Hybrid Breeds